Okay, you cross now 18 or let say 20 or 25 or so on. Let me clear one thing to you. YOU STILL HAVE A FUCKING LOTS OF TIME.

Now start doing work.

Not only work, If possible then learn HOW TO FAIL, whenever you doing your work. Well, it is not Compulsory but it is Necessary.

Not 1 times, 2 times, 3 times… just fail more than 100 times, not intentionally but by DOING WORK. Put your maximum efforts in YOUR WORK.

Take each and every decision consciously, its necessary.

Be Productive, Be Optimistic & STAY WITH EXTREME FOCUS.

Don’t wait for the Perfect Time. Don’t wait for someone’s help. Figure it out and DO YOUR FUCKING WORK.

Don’t be a next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or Elon Musk or Einstein. BE FUCKING YOURSELF.

Believe in yourself.

Remember guys, you are still breathing. DON’T WASTE YOUR BREATH.

Just Start to WORK.


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